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What is Marble Combat?

Marble combat is a physics based multiplayer game for 2 – 8 people.
Players compete as magical marbles racing and fighting to dominate capture points and collect power ups.

Spin, velocity, bounce, and torque control the players movement with a little added air control for big jumps and falls.
Players can pick up to 4 abilities which can be used to throw opponents, save allies or beat enemies out of the capture zone

The environment features different types of interactive and animated elements that can launch, carry, fire,
bounce your marble for better or for worse.

Players can get an edge by learning the best routes and experimenting with how their powers can combine with the
environment through additional single player challenges.


Overall Marble Combat aims to offer a competitive multiplayer with a focus on slapstick comedy and retro nostalgia
because that’s the sort of stuff we like.

Who would make something like this
Phantom 8 studio, the makers of 2018’s multi platform title ‘Past Cure‘. 

When can I play?
The demo is available now!
The rough road map for Marble Combat will be to go to Steam Early Access early 2019
The early access version will feature the main map and multiplayer classic game mode and some single player challenges.
Periodically new maps, powers, cosmetics and other game modes will be added throughout early access.

I must know more!
A more thorough breakdown of features and content is available on the Marble Combat wiki.
Follow us on social media for updates.

I have a suggestion
We would love to hear any feedback and would like to develop a community that helps shape the game
throughout early access, so throw your ideas at us on discord, we’re listening.

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